Aqua cutter 710V XL


The XL version of the Aqua Cutter 710 features a larger footprint than the original 710. This means that it can handle more reaction force and has less weight per m2

Aqua cutter 710V XL

The Aqua Cutter 710V XL has 200mm wider track base and 170mm longer tracks which gives it 23% more ground area compared to the original 710.

Aqua cutter 710V XL

Evolution 2.0 control system

3D zonesThe 710V XL in our booth will be equipped with the new evolution 2.0 control system. Fast and easy programming which decreases set-up times even more and makes programming and control like walk in the park.
Read more about the evolution control system >>


The Aqua Cutter 710V XL will be on display in our inside area.


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