Power Pack ecosilence

The sound of silence

The latest Power Pack Ecosilence is a super silent high-pressure unit, specially designed for Hydrodemolition in urban environments with highly regulated noise levels. It’s not only significantly quieter and more fuel-efficient than our standard packs, the noise output is less than half compared to other power packs on the market.

REVO Control system

Packaged power

Power packsA Power Pack is state of the art engineering and everything you’ll ever need for your hydrodemolition contracts in one place. They provide easy handling for your robot, accessories, tools and other necessary equipment. Furthermore they require minimum space at the construction site and are cost effective in both transport and set-up time.

Robot inside Power Pack

All our 410 and 710 robots will fit into our 23’ POWER PACKS. All in one package ready to go to the worksite and no need for an extra trailer. Robot is also protected from unauthorized intrusion inside the power pack during the night.

Latest control system

RevoOur REVO Control system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic colour display with iconic multilanguage operator’s instructions.

Revo control systemThe system is CAN based with self-diagnostic monitoring of the operation and display selected parameters in real time.

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The Power Pack ecosilence will be on display at our outside area.




Power Pack Ecosilence doors open


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