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EDS - Equal Distance System

The most efficient invention in the history of Hydrodemolition.
The EDS system was developed for increased productivity, better quality and energy savings as the most important reasons.

All Aqua Cutter robots utilize the world wide patented Equal Distance System, EDS, lance movement system.
The water jet loses power rapidly as it leaves the nozzle. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the water jet as close to the surface of the concrete as possible. The EDS allows you to put the power of the water jet where you need it the most.

The removal of concrete above the rebar is relatively easy; it is below the rebar where the job becomes more difficult.
With EDS the Aqua Cutter robots is able to achieve a lance angle of attack as much as 45 degrees to each side on Evolution models and 30 degrees on Standard models. This extreme angle enables you to maximize the removal of concrete from below the rebar, virtually eliminating any shadowing effect.
At all lance angles the EDS gives you extra performance, as it always keeps control of the position of the lance tip and keeps it at an even distance from the concrete surface.

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