Aqua Frame Standard

The Hydrodemolition tool for areas inaccessible to your Robots

The AQUA FRAME is a Hydrodemolition machine for use on surfaces that are inaccessible for track driven AQUA CUTTER robots, such as extremely tall walls or where equipment has to be brought inside a construction via a man-hole.
Power and control functions are provided by a Power Control Unit (PCU). Power and Control functions can also be provided by any of the AQUA CUTTER ROBOTS such as the HD/HE or HVD/HVE.
The AQUA FRAME can be positioned on the concrete surface by expansion anchor bolts or it may be positioned by a carrier such as hydraulic platform, sky lift or crane.

Modular and Extensible
The Aqua Frame is designed with the ability to adapt virtually all Hydrodemolition assignments.
The length and width can be custom made.

Technical data
Length approx. 3,3 m (10.8 feet)
Width approx. 2,9 m (9.5 feet)
Cutting length 0 - 2,8 m (0-9.2 feet)
Cutting width 0 - 2,25 m (0-7.4 feet)
Special size and configuration on request

Aqua Frame Customized

We also have high experience in customized frames.

Contact us for your special needs.

This is a frame that grabs the bottom of a pear by hydraulics.

This monorail frame is used to cut the outside and under a construction.

This monorail frame is used to cut the Dome in a Nuclear power plant to change the Reactor.

Another example of monorail frame.

Special frames mounted on excavators or other equipment.