On location

Aquajet On Location - EcoClear Malmo

A glimpse of EcoClear’s endless potential

In the Swedish town of Malmö, the Hydrodemolition specialist, NVB, is performing a large renovation of a parking garage. The garage is located in an urban environment with highly regulated […]


Aquajet On Location - St Petersburg

Bridge pylon, St Petersburg

ICA Construction of St Petersburg has used two Aquajet robotic hydrodemolition machines to clear concrete from the top of a 120 m high bridge pylon. “The advantages to ICA, along […]


Aqua cutter 410 disconnected pcm

The impossible made possible in Oslo, Norway

At the harbor in Oslo, Skanska AS Norway is performing a major renovation of the structural parts of a 4000 square meter large pier. A dangerous and seemingly impossible operation […]


Aquajet on location - Åre cableway

Decayed concrete on ski lift foundations removed with hydrodemolition

Specialist Swedish contractor Corvara is using an Aqua Cutter 410A remote controlled robot to remove decayed concrete from pylon foundations. An Aquajet hydrodemolition robot is being used on the pylon […]


Jobreport Singapore second MRT - Aqua cutter 710V

Second contractor on Singapore’s MRT Downtown Line orders Aquajet hydrodemolition robot

Closely following Australian contractor, McConnell Dowell’s delivery of its first Aquajet hydrodemolition AquaCutter 710V Classic for Singapore’s MRT Downtown Line Stage 2 contract C917A, a second unit was ordered by […]


Jobreport Singapore MRT - Aqua cutter 710V

Aquajet enhances image for hydrodemolition efficiency in Singapore

An Aquajet Hydrodemolition robot has helped a replacement contractor regain lost ground on Singapore MRT contract. Hydrodemolition technology has achieved a huge boost in Singapore through the use of an […]


Jobreport Walo - Aqua cutter 710V

Rotolance 2500 on record highway project

Swiss Hydrodemolition specialist contractor, Walo Hydrodynamik removes more than 25,000m² of concrete deck on the Viaduc de Chillon using a combination of a newly delivered Rotolance 2500 and an Aquacutter 710 […]


Jobreport Corecut - Aqua cutter 710V

Widening Port of Liverpool

Specialist UK Corecut Ltd introduces Hydrodemolition techniques on the Port of Liverpool’s Seaforth Passage widening project. The UK’s first AQUA CUTTER Evolution 710V robotic unit from Hydrodemolition specialist manufacturer, Aquajet Systems AB […]