Six years ago, June 2008 Aquajet Systems launched the very first Power Pack ECOSILENCE, this was the beginning of interesting journey for the conventional Power Pack industry.

Two years earlier we got inquiries from our customers, could Aquajet engineer a new conceptual solution that could meet with that times demands related to environmental aspects, low sound and low fuel consumption without any productivity losses.

Traditional Power Pack :
-Noise 82 – 85 dB

Goals for the new generation Power Pack:
-Noise not more than 65 dB
-Reduced fuel consumption by 10%

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World’s smallest Hydrodemolition robot launched by Aquajet

Bauma 2013 Stand Numbers – Hall A1/119 and outside 01A/17

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By being the world leading inventor of Hydrodemolition equipment and accessories we have now released a new generation of POWER PACK with less fuel consumption, less vibrations and reduced noise level with a user friendly controlsystem and a design that makes the POWER PACK even more easy to operate and handle.

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Now we release the all-new AQUA SPINE. This is a development from many of our previous special applications.
It is a multipurpose frame where you combine standard parts to a wide range of different applications.

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Next generation Hydrodemolition robots - 710 series

Aquajet Systems launches a new generation hydrodemolition robots with increased versatility and productivity that will set a new standard in robotic hydrodemolition.

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Evolution - Smart Lance

Latest invention from Aquajet Systems is the Evolution II controller, combining recent efficient control system with EDS lance control, ISC signal control and the new TFT colour graphic display with a complete newly designed software Aquajet have been able to develop a robot with features and advantages exceeding all expectations.

The Smart Lance system will always calculate the best way to control the Lance for maximum performance and best result from the operators settings. It have a self diagnostic control system and will measure all inputs compare with actual production.

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The ECOSILENCE power pack is developed to cater for the demanding requirements of the global hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning markets and can be used for everything from light scarifying to removal of deep concrete such as side beams. Its design will help contractors meet the increasingly stringent operational noise requirements that are imposed when working close to sensitive locations. Ecosilence’s noise output is less than half that of conventional power packs. Its average 66.5db output represents a dramatic improvement in the noise levels that people will experience.
Use of Ecosilence also achieves a substantial reduction in fuel consumption. The efficient design means that it uses just 70 l/hr when producing a water output of for example 189 l/min at 1000 bar utilizing only 73% of full power. This output performance optimizes the production rate with fuel consumption .

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ISC - Intelligent Sensing Control

One of more important features is the removal of all sensors and electric cables from the front of the machine, out of the way of water, grease and dust, utilising a new patented Intelligent Sensing Control (ISC) system.

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Hose support

The new hose support system with springs makes it more easy to position the Power Head to any position.

In addition, new hose protections that is easily opened for service.

New standard line roller

New roller for all standard line robots.
The new roller is designed for reabillity and service friendliness as the main criterias. We have selected material of high quality together with advanced hardning procsesses in the manufacturing.
Among this also increased lance angle to 30° thanks to the EDS system.

This high-tech roller includes adjustable oscillation stroke, adjustable lance angle from the front side and all new heavy duty sealings and sliding channels.

Adjustible Oscillation

You need only two allen keys, use one as a locking device and one to change the oscillation stroke in three steps.

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Extension kit for HVD/HVE Standard Robots

Extended up to 4 meter working width horizontally and vertically

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Extension kit for HVD/HVE Evolution Robots

Extended vertical and under-up operation.
By mounting the extension kit, the Aqua Cutter can work from the deck to the side or under the bridge, even without dismounting of the parapet.

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