Hydrodemolition Power Pack





High pressure unit designed for Hydrodemolition
Aquajet Systems AB is a comprehensive supplier of complete systems with a product range that cover the Hydrodemolition- and Industrial cleaning business.
Our standard program of high pressure Power Packs satisfy the market needs, and range from smaller skid mounted units up to heavy duty powerful containerized contracting machines.

The standard POWER PACK 700 standard range:

-Only one container for all.
-Space for the robot and accessories for easy and safe storing.
-Easy handling and cost efficient in transport and set-up time.
-Only fuel and water-supply is required to operate.
-Self-contained, no external electric supply is required.
-Minimum space required at the site.

One container for all means one go with a truck-, which means efficient transport, short mobilisation and demobilisation for your advantage. A unique approved contractor and operator friendly system. In short: self-contained system ready to go to work.

The diesel engine and the high pressure pump are connected by means of a flexible coupling and assembled complete on a heavy-duty welded steel frame. The base frame is installed in the container on vibration isolators.

The water system is complete in stainless steel or non-corrosive material A bag-type water filter prevents impurities from entering the system and pump. A booster pump is mounted between the water tank and the high-pressure pump to provide adequate inlet pressure.

Sound insulated container with a double door on the right side, double rear doors and automatic hatches for the cooling air. The container can be equipped with a ”Roll off” frame, for easy on/off truck loading and transport.

Comes standard with workbench with vice and storage for accessories and parts. Movable heavy hooks for storing of HP-hoses, cables etc. 24 volt electric system for lighting.

REVO Control system: Developed with safety and operator friendliness in mind, with parameters easily understand and set on the graphic colour display with iconic Multilanguage operator’s instructions. Remote control system with pressure on/off switch and emergency stop button. When the remote control is switched to off position the system will de-pressurise the pump and high pressure hose and reduce the engine speed. Hard wired remote control is standard, with radio control as an option

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Technical data
PP 250 PP 400 PP 700
Psi 14 500 16 700 14 500
Bar 1 000 1 150 1 000
US Gal/m 26,2 34,9 69
Litres/m 99 132 261
*This is the default, other pressures and flows are available upon request.



ECOSILENCE Power Pack concept is a result from our customer’s expectations to meet with Construction Industries extra ordinary demands concerning maximum noise level in residential and office areas.
Entrepreneurs who can present a low noise process gain a better position in the negotiations with the client. A common demand of noise level is approximately 65 dB.
Six years since launching of the ECOSILENCE we know that the goal of low noise is fulfilled. As a bonus, the ECOSILENCE also reduces fuel consumption, this without any efficiency losses.

ECOSILENCE a proven concept from Aquajet Systems.

Traditional Power Pack :
-Noise 82 – 85 dB

Goals for the new generation Power Pack:
-Noise not more than 65 dB
-Reduced fuel consumption by 10%

This specification was without any doubts a challenge for our engineers. We can now state that the mission went out successfully. During the years we have provided the market with a number of Power Pack ECOSILENCE in Europe.

The updated version of 2013 provide our customers improvements that put the new ECOSILENCE as the State of the Art, lower sound level, increased reliability and better profit for Aquajet Systems customer. Following are exampels of improvments:

• Reduced sound level to average of 63dB
• Special container designed from scratch for ECOSILENCE
• Thick multiple layer high effective insulation in the container
• Special designed double exhaust silencers, four meters damping length, all mounted inside the container with new type of heat protection
• Super quiet ventilation system with sound baffles that exchanges the air in the container 2 times/minute and keeps the engine room temperature at correct level
• Vibration dampers that makes the pump frame “float” makes the operation smoother and quieter
• Compact design pump frame with built in fuel tank makes space for the robot. 925 liter diesel in the 700 model
• All water related parts are in stainless steel, (none corrosive material) filter, booster pump, pipes, valves, connections, water tank
• Pressure outlet, Water inlet, wash outlet and spill water outlet in the front.
• Special design water tank that centrifuges away air bubbles from the water and also controls the cooling of the engine
• Automatic air bleeding (without bleeding valves)
• Updated REVO control system
• Hydraulic roof hatch with automatic locking system
• ISO container height. ISO 20’ or 23’ Container length
• Space for Aqua cutter 410 or 710 robot in 23’ container

• Double water filters that can be cleaned during operation.
• Radio remote control that can be docked with the robots remote control.
• Electric kit: Power inlet/outlet, battery charging system.
• Wall between engine compartment and workshop

For further information, please contact Aquajet Systems sales department.

Skid mounted

Non containerized Skid Mounted high pressure units

The skid mounted Power Pack will generally have the same performance as the containerized units, and are equipped with the Diesel engine and High Pressure pump to reach the same output efficiency.
The unit can easily be mounted on a truck or trailer.
Those units have the same REVO safety and control system and are suitable for Hydrodemolition as well as Industrial applications.
There is an option for wireless radio control.

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