The first Aqua Cutter

Today's Aqua Cutter
AQUAJET SYSTEMS AB is the first ISO 9001 certified specialized manufacturer of Hydrodemolition systems in the world since 1998.
The company is situated in the southern part of Sweden - Holsbybrunn. Our activities include both development and production of Hydrodemolition equipment for removal of concrete with high-pressure water.

AQUAJET's engineering and precise machining expertise ensure top quality products and performance.
We know that our reputation and success greatly depend on the quality of the products we supply; our Engineering Staff and technicians are dedicated to manufacturing consistent quality products.

Dedication to quality has enabled Aquajet to become a world's leading producers of reliable Hydrodemolition machinery and equipment.

All our equipment are tested with series of comprehensive tests. These testings ensure the performance and reliability of our products.

AQUAJET SYSTEMS AB is always happy to help you with ordering correct parts or answering any of your questions regarding our services. We stock a complete line of replacement parts and accessories ready for quick delivery.

AQUAJET SYSTEMS AB takes pride in responding to customers´ demands. We are able to produce custom-tailored equipment for any project concerning removal of deteriorated concrete by Hydrodemolition.

We also offer project support to optimize production efficiency. This support is a function of our vast experience obtained through many years of developing and manufacturing the most versatile and reliable Hydrodemolition equipment available.

Please examine the following pages for a brief product outline. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for further information.

Best regards
the Aquajet team

Company registration number: 556314-6173
Board of Directors is seated in Vetlanda, Sweden