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Pumper & Cleaner 24-27th of February 2014, Indianapolis USA

Our distributor in USA, Jetstream of Houston, had the AQUA CUTTER 410A on display. The show was very well crowded and the interest for Aquajet´s Hydrodemolition robots is increasing in all US-states.
The fair’s unofficial theme was automation and the versatile 410A robot, said to be the world’s smallest Hydrodemolition robot, took major part of the attention due to its unique advantages. Not only Hydrodemolition people was attracted, but also the industrial cleaning industry realized how this robot can replace the manually workers with high pressure water guns and increase the safety and efficiency in many jobs.
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UK Concrete Show 27-28th of February 2014, Birmingham UK

During this 2-days event in Birmingham we received great appreciation by showing the smallest Hydrodemolition robot in the world, the AQUA CUTTER 410. Our distributor in UK Aquapower Ltd was very pleased by the possibility of displaying the robot which generated many leads to contact. During the event Mr Alistair Mackenzie, Aquapower Ltd made presentations on how to avoid dust, micro-cracks and increase safety and the removal rate by using AQUA CUTTER Hydrodemolition robots.
Thanks all of you who attended this show!
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Thank you to all visitors The World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas 2014

Thank you all visitors who visited us and our distributor in USA, Jetstream of Houston, during World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA.

This years event we joined forces and displayed three (!) AQUA CUTTER robot models which was very well received from all you visitors!

Come and see the AQUA CUTTER at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, USA.
March 4-8, 2014
Stand No. 50029
More details for CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Visit us at the "Underhåll" show in Gothenburg, Sweden
Scandinavias leading maintenance fair.
Mars 11-14, 2014
Stand: C00:51
We will show the AQUA CUTTER 410 and tools from StoneAge.
More details for the "Underhåll" Show
Successful Customer Days at Aquajet Systems AB

This time we arranged a day exclusively for customers in Scandinavia, attended by 56 visitors from Norway, Denmark and Sweden!

The focus were geared towards automation and “hands-free” robotic applications, those did the days attract contractors from the industrial cleaning sectors as well as general contractors.

The event took place the 8th of November, where the visitors could attend live demonstrations of robotic waterjet cleaning equipment. Among several different systems also our newly released AQUA CUTTER robot 410 for tunnels and other applications, together with our POWER PACK 700 equipped with a 550 kW Hammelmann pump.
We also demonstrated our modular rail solution the AQUA SPINE.

Together with our supplier Stoneage we had live demonstrations of their powerful and reliable tools for industrial cleaning, the newly released Sabertooth for automated and safe cleaning of heat exchanger bundles, received a lot of attention.

Stoneage were represented by their European consultant Mr. Andrew Birt who gave a very good presentation of the complete product range and could answer all questions from the visitors.

Also high pressure guns and tools were demonstrated. This together with the TST Protective clothing, the effectiveness of safety gear and equipment is important to increase safety and protect the operator as well as the sorroundings.

We also had exhibition booths showing tools from Gardner Denver, Woma GmbH represented by Mr. Ulf Katschke, TST and Hammelmann.

We thank all of you that participated and we look forward to arrange this event again in the nearby future!

Aquajet Systems are reputed as the leading company in the business and very bullish on automation, with continuous design and development of technical solutions and the best suppliers of accessories and tools; this means we are setting the industry standard by bringing inventions and solutions to our customers.
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Successful Hydrodemolition Days at Aquajet Systems AB

The very attractive event “the Hydrodemolition days” here at Aquajet Systems AB, was this year visited by people travelling from 14 countries.
The event took place over two days in May, where the visitors could attend live demonstrations of Hydrodemolition Robots, Power Packs, Aqua Spine as well as different accessories for the industry.

There was also workshops where the visitors could attend to get detailed information about developments such as the Revo control system for the Power Packs as well as the Evolution and Smart Lance control for the robots. Further to this we also had representatives from our main suppliers here to meet with our customers.

The glance this year was the presentation of the newest design of the Power Pack, the new PP700 draws a lot of attention for its engineered design and many smart solutions on details requested of the users. More about the new PP here
On display was the complete standard series of the 710 model Hydrodemolition robots.
But also the newest Max Hybrid robot, with its on-board Hybrid drive solution and a reach of nearly 10 meter this is a robot developed for special applications such as big highway- or railway tunnels.

We could as well show our new and renovated production facilities, which have been increased with approx. 25% including a new warehouse with, improved logistic.

The high number of visitors confirms that the interest of the Hydrodemolition method is steady growing, not only in Europe, but also globally.
Arranging activities like the Hydrodemolition Days, and getting people from many parts of the World spending time and money to participate means a lot of interesting for the industry.
Aquajet Systems are reputed being the leading company in the business, with continuous design and development of technical solution, this means we are setting the industry standard by bringing inventions and solutions to our customers.
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New premier water jet demolition robot from Aquajet Systems AB offers increased versatility, productivity and ease of use.

Aquajet Systems AB, will release the newest version of its Aqua Cutter Hydrodemolition robot at the Bauma 2010 exhibition.

“Without changing the winning concepts that have brought Aquajet Systems AB to the leading position as the innovator in the Hydrodemolition business, we still keep our general headlines”.

The new Aqua Cutter robot that will be launched at the BAUMA Exhibition is a concentrate of more than 25 years experiences in the business. The new Aqua Cutter robot is also a receipt of all customers expectations how to meet with today’s demands in the Hydrodemolition when it comes to competitiveness, profitability and to handle most kind of working situations. This also includes further improved advantages that facilitate the operator’s convenience.

The Aqua Cutter HVD is already considered to be the most versatile robot available performing horizontal, vertical and up to more than 6 m overhead operations as standard.

Next generation released at the BAUMA show is on a more sturdy base and have extended free vertically reach to 7 meter and also the 4 meter operation width option.

The well known and patented Aqua Cutter advantages, such as the EDS, the ISC and Smart Lance system have been updated and are intergraded in the new version as well. Some headlines are, extended track length, extended track width, increased engine power with fuel saving function, Possibility for Hybrid drive, Gull-Wing opening hood, new system design for easier service.

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Expanding the Power Pack program
Aquajet Systems expands the Power Pack program and presents a complete fleet of Power Packs from light cleaning, paint removal, scarifying of concrete, heavy industrial cleaning to concrete demolition

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