Evolution - Smart Lance

Latest invention from Aquajet Systems is the Evolution II controller, combining recent efficient control system with EDS lance control, ISC signal control and the new TFT colour graphic display with a complete newly designed software Aquajet have been able to develop a robot with features and advantages exceeding all expectations.

The Smart Lance system will always calculate the best way to control the Lance for maximum performance and best result from the operators settings. It have a self diagnostic control system and will measure all inputs compare with actual production.

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EDS - Equal Distance System

All models of hydrodemolition robots utilize the world wide patented Equal Distance System, EDS, lance movement system and the unique nozzle system.

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ISC - Intelligent Sensing Control

One of more important features is the removal of all sensors and electric cables from the front of the machine, out of the way of water, grease and dust, utilising a new patented Intelligent Sensing Control (ISC) system.

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High heights

Aqua Cutter "HV" models can work more than the standard 6m working height with a support to the tower.

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Cutting in to corners

With the Aqua Cutter robot you will finish the job with only one overpass. Aqua Cutter has a unique reach, the lance manage to do the corners and up on the wall in accordance to your wish, no adjustments, no hand lances.

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CPH - Cirkular Power Head

The "Circular Power Head" is a 360 degree ring in two half pieces.
It is wrapped around columns with nearly any diameter and enable the Aqua Cutter HVD/HVE to work a column all around without moving the robot.

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Multi axis 3D cutting head

With the Aqua Cutter unique multi axis cutting head you can work almost any way you want to.

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Tracks - The natural choice

Aquajet Systems has chosen to use track drive for our Aqua Cutter robots. A hydrodemolition jobsite is a rough environment, often in dirt, rubble or off road.
Very often it is even needed to drive over exposed rebars.

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Cheramic Nozzles

Aquajet Systems unique ceramic nozzle is designed for large scale Hydrodemolition projects.
With its extreme high efficiency and extended life span it is probably the best nozzle on the market.

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Extension kit for HVD/HVE Evolution Robots

Extended vertical and under-up operation.
By mounting the extension kit, the Aqua Cutter can work from the deck to the side or under the bridge, even without dismounting of the parapet.

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Extension kit for HVD/HVE Standard Robots

Extended up to 4 meter working width horizontally and vertically

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Easy service access

Fold-up gull wing hood hydraulic
Fold down hydraulic
Engine, valves etc. are easily reached
Easy cleaning

Diesel drive is standard

All Aqua Cutter robots are delivered with Diesel engine.
Hybrid kit is available.

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Adjustable Oscillation

You need only two allen keys, use one as a locking device and one to change the oscillation stroke in three steps.

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