After market

Always at your service

All our AQUA CUTTER robots, rail systems and accessories are designed and manufactured in Sweden by an experienced team of designers and engineers. With the help from these creative minds and state of the art technology we ensure that every feature and detail of our products are custom designed to meet the highest of expectations. This applies to everything we do – today and in the future.

After market support

We are a reliable and experienced partner to the global Hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning industry. Our qualified technical personnel are capable to provide the best possible service support and solutions.

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Spare and wear parts

We have a large stock of spare and wear parts for all products, from older versions to brand new ones. We offer worldwide shipment with daily pick up and always assist to find best solution of shipment.

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Maintenance and repair

Our qualified service technicians provide all maintenance, troubleshooting and repair in our service center.

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Training and safety

Safety is one of the important priorities for our customers; a training course will be part of our delivery. This course will, in general, take place at the customers working facilities and / or jobsite. The course participants will go through a detailed program with practice in Safety, Operation and Service of the equipment. A certificate of approval will be issued to each attendant who fulfills the training.

As an addition to the handling and maintenance training of our equipment we also provide training courses in High Pressure and Safety in order to understand which regulations and laws that regulate the use of high-pressure equipment.

We also teach our customers the basics of high-pressure pumps, hoses, tools and calculation of pressure loss in hoses and how to calculate the correct nozzle size.

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