Aquajet Academy

Aquajet Academy

Learn and take on the world

Safety is one of our main priorities. All our products are designed to meet, and more than satisfy, the latest safety regulations on the market. Also, transferring the safety thinking to our customers and to construction sites is a key factor in achieving a safe workplace. Therefore, we’ve created the Aquajet Academy and the ”Six steps of education”.

Our Aqua Cutter robots are state of the art equipment. However, to gain its full potential Aquajet offers a wide training program for operators. By taking part in this training you will be ready to take on the most challenging jobs with your Aqua Cutter, and most important, be safe while doing so.

This is Aquajet Academy

In addition to the product course that’s been an option when buying our equipment, we wanted to offer our customers a more extensive training program to really cover all aspects. That’s why the Aquajet Academy was created, and the six steps of education. With this we can offer our customers, and distributors, a more comprehensive range of courses. The course program we offer consists of six separate parts; Products, Hydrodemolition, Streamlining of work, Safety & technique, Service and Train the trainer.

These different parts cover handling and maintenance training for our equipment, efficiency with hydrodemolition, workplace safety, high-pressure and safety in order to understand the regulations and laws that regulate the use of high-pressure equipment. We also teach our customers the basics of high-pressure pumps, hoses, tools and how to calculate pressure loss in hoses and the correct nozzle size. All training courses are adapted to the customers knowledge and experience level along with what type of equipment being used. A certificate of approval will be issued to each participant who completes a training course.