Bauma 2019


Welcome to Bauma 2019!

At Bauma you’ll get the chance to meet the Aquajet team to ask all you can think of regarding our products. We promise to show you the latest in state-of-the-art Hydrodemolition products, equipment and services.

Please come and visit us and check out our products and news in our three booths.
Inside booth #A1.127
Outside booth #A1.8
Outside booth #FM.713/2 (Together with Brokk)

Bauma 2019, Show is open!

Bauma starts now and the Aquajet team are ready!



Ergo Rotolance 30/130/130S

The Ergo Rotolance is the perfect complement to the Ergo system. It will cover a lot of areas beyond the standard Ergo Power Head. Basically everything that is surface related, for example Industrial cleaning, surface preparation, concrete scarification and paint removal.

At Bauma we will show you all three versions.



At Bauma 2019 we will show the latest version of the ECOCLEAR.
Since the launch of the Ecoclear two years ago we have collected a lot of data and experience from worksites around the world.

Aqua Cutter 410A / 710V

Naturally we will have two of our most versatile AQUA CUTTER robots on display.

Our AQUA CUTTERS are totally autonomous, a tracked machine which you program to perform the most advanced operations.

Aqua Super Lance 3000

Our new, more versatile lance system for our Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots.

The Super Lance 3000 replaces the previous lance and allows contractors to use a single lance for any pressure up to 43,500 psi (3,000 bar). The modular system can be assembled in a number of configurations for any application. It also features a variety of longevity and performance improvements. The Super Lance is now standard on Aqua Cutter robots and can be retrofitted to older models.


Ecoclear® and recirculution

We proudly present our solution of recycling the Hydrodemolition water back to the Power Pack. We call it Recirculution. By adding a water reservoir or a “catch tank” to your Aqua Power Pack and Ecoclear, you can keep control over the water temperature and use the water over and over again. And that’s just one of the benefits!