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aquajet hydrodemolition equipment aqua cutter waterblasting productivity concrete repair road bridge project

Aquajet Increases Productivity on 20-Mile, 14-Bridge Project

  The project was the largest Hydrodemolition undertaking in the state’s history. With a number of bridge decks on I-70 between Cove Fort and Sevier showing signs of significant wear, […]


Aquajet on location jobreport customer hydrodemolition concrete repair aqua cutter ecoclear canada job project hydroelectric generating station operation

Canadian contractor pushes limits of Hydrodemolition

  More than 400 miles north of Winnipeg, the Keeyask Generation Project is being constructed on the lower Nelson River. The 695-megawatt hydroelectric generating station, scheduled for completion in 2021, […]


aquajet hydrodemolition refractory removal heat plant aqua cutter power pack ergo industrial cleaning

Refractory removal from heat plant boiler

  The worksite was a heating plant. And the task at hand was to remove the refractory inside a boiler, so it could be replaced. Time was of the essence […]


hydrodemolition scarifying surface preparation aquajet aqua cutter ergo power pack application

Renovation of garage floor

  Aquajet products are best known for large jobs, but they can be used for smaller jobs, too. A contractor, for example, used the Ergo System for a garage floor […]


Aqua cutter 410A bridge Seville Azul

The bridge to success in sunny Seville

Hydrodemolition is the sustainable way to protect and preserve concrete constructions. It’s also the fastest and safest technology of choice for emergency repairs. The Spanish contractor, Azul Construcción, knows all […]


A glimpse of EcoClear’s endless potential

In the Swedish town of Malmö, the Hydrodemolition specialist, NVB, is performing a large renovation of a parking garage. The garage is located in an urban environment with highly regulated […]


Bridge pylon, St Petersburg

ICA Construction of St Petersburg has used two Aquajet robotic hydrodemolition machines to clear concrete from the top of a 120 m high bridge pylon. “The advantages to ICA, along […]


The impossible made possible in Oslo, Norway

At the harbor in Oslo, Skanska AS Norway is performing a major renovation of the structural parts of a 4000 square meter large pier. A dangerous and seemingly impossible operation […]