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on location heat plant boiler refractory removal aquajet ergo power pack aqua cutter hydrodemolition

Refractory removal from heat plant boiler

    A new On location article “The worksite was a heating plant. And the task at hand was to remove the refractory inside a boiler, so it could be […]


hydrodemolition scarifying surface preparation aquajet aqua cutter ergo power pack application

New On location article

  Aquajet products are best known for large jobs, but they can be used for smaller jobs, too. A contractor, for example, used the Ergo System for a garage floor renovation at […]


Conexpo 2020 aquajet hydrodemolition exhibition aqua cutter ergo

Conexpo 2020

We’re in place at Conexpo in Las Vegas Convention center, USA. You’ll find us in Festival Hall booth F101901, ready to share what Hydrodemolition is all about!  


Exhibitions to come

    Exhibitions to come, where Aquajet will be represented.     CONEXPO – Santiago, Chile 2-5 October, 2019   ECOMONDO – Rimini, Italy 5-8 November, 2019   […]


Equal Distance System = Equal Removal Over the Entire Work Surface

  Like any high-performance machine, there’s more to a hydrodemolition robot than meets the eye. You need to take a look under the hood, so to speak, to really understand […]


hydrodemolition hydroblasting aquajet aqua cutter nozzles

Aquajet’s Revolutionary Ceramic Nozzles

    When your machine is the one doling out the damage, you engineer every component for extreme durability. Our signature ceramic nozzles are vital to the overall success of […]


ERGO GO Aquajet systems starter kit hydrodemolition aqua cutter

The NNBA exhibition in Norway

Aquajet Systems will attend the NNBA (North Norwegian building and construction fair) exhibition in Tromsø, Norway, between the 14-16 of June, 2019. On display you will find our latest family […]


aquajet systems brokk inc hydrodemolition aqua cutter new facility

Brokk Inc. expands – adding new service and training center and fleet managers

  Brokk Inc. has opened the doors to its new Demonstration and Service Center in St. Joseph, Missouri, expanding its North American coverage and bringing the number of Brokk locations […]