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The AQUA CUTTER 710VE, with its electrical driven motor, is the perfect choice for all kinds of operations where exhaust emissions is prohibited and/or the noice level has to be limited. Our innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up to 7 meters (23 ft) without support. In other words, where most robots would fail, the Aqua Cutter 710VE is the given choice.


Our unique 3D positioning system can perform wonders. The front power head gives the operator full freedom to efficiently reach all areas. One example is vertical operations alongside or against the surface. Due to the compact design the Aqua Cutter 710VE can be operated in tight and confined areas, with retained mobility, no exhaust emissions and at a low noise level.

up and away
For vertical and overhead operations the 710VE has a hydraulically powered steel mast, constructed in sections. Therefore the robot doesn’t carry any towers or protruding arms when not needed. The mast can operate at heights up to 7 meters (23 ft) without support, and even more with support. The robot comes equipped with a powerful electrical engine.

  • Aqua cutter 710V 2.0
  • Aqua cutter 710v 2.0
710VE evolution
Total weight: 2350 kg (5181 lb)
Length: 2,57-2,82 m (8,4-9,2 ft)
Min. width: 1,03 m (3,4 ft)
Track width: 1,03-1,63 m (3,4 -5,4 ft)
Min. height: 1,3/1,6 m (4,2/5,2 ft)
Operating height: 7 m (23 ft)
Side reach: 2 m (6,6 ft)
Lance angle: ±45°
Working width: 0-2,45 m (0-8,0 ft)
Working width extended: 0-4,45 m (0-14,6 ft)
Drive source: Electric motor 11kW 
Voltage: 3×400 VAC @ 50Hz/3×480 VAC @ 60Hz
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Innovations and design

Evolution control system

hydrodemolition aquajet system aqua cutter Evolution control system

With the AQUA CUTTER Evolution control system you’ll enable highly computerized robotic management for advanced operations. In addition, you’ll get the 45° EDS roller that keeps a set distance between the nozzle and the concrete, without any water jet energy waste. The Evolution control system allows you to program geometrical figures such as circles, triangles, squares and rhomboids. Today, it’s the most sophisticated and flexible system on the market for Hydrodemolition robots.

Evolution control system >>


hydrodemolition aquajet systems evolution 2.0 control system 3d zones

EDS - Equal Distance System

hydrodemolition aquajet systems eds evolution 2.0 control systemAll our Aqua Cutters features our patented EDS system, short for Equal Distance System. The EDS system keeps a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface, regardless of the attack angle of the waterjet. This is a major advantage. Standard systems without EDS make the waterjet lose a lot of power before it hits the concrete.

EDS –Equal Distance System >>

EDS - Equal Distance System

Oscillation system

OscillationThe stroke can be changed in a minute to adapt for the scope of the work. A shallow cut requires a longer stroke and a deep cut needs a short stroke. This allows you to get a higher removal rate and better cut results in all situations.

Easy adjustable stroke of oscillation >>

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter oscillation

Reliable and easy service

Easy serviceInnovative design provides unrivalled ease of access for all maintenance jobs. This means less downtime with maintenance work and more time for actual work.

Reliable and easy service >>

Aqua cutter 710 - Reliable and easy service

Tower and 3D positioning system

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter tower and 3d positioningThe easy to extend tower system on all V models has proved its versatility; it is fast and easy to fit the required numbers of sections to reach the desired operation height whether it is for vertical or overhead removal. The multi axis 3D positioning system of the cutting head, gives the ability to operate on all surfaces. The standard reach is 7 meters, and can be extended further.

Tower and 3D positioning system >>

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter tower and 3d positioning

Removal in corners

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter removal in cornersHow do you reach corner areas where the wall and floor meet? Usually you need some kind of handheld trimming equipment. We have solved this problem in an ingenious way. With our robots you’ll finish the job with only one overpass thanks to unique lance control and the EDS system. No hand lances. No adjustments.Perfect results.

Removal in corners >>

Corner cutting

Radio remote control

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter power pack radio remote controlA radio remote control allows you to operate the AQUA CUTTER robot from a safe distance, wireless or with a hard wire. That’s up to you and the operation at hand.

Radio remote control >>

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter power pack radio remote control