• ERGO GO Aquajet systems starter kit hydrodemolition aqua cutter

Ready, set, GO!

What do you need to perform a hydrodemolition operation or industrial cleaning work? Most would probably say some kind of programmable robot or heavy handheld lances. Some would also think of all the people and trucks they’ll need to operate and transport the equipment. There are also those who would think that meticulous safety precautions will make the work difficult, ineffective or even impossible. Well, they’re all wrong. All you need is Ergo Go.


Ergo Go is a starter kit of awesomeness and basically everything you need to get the show on the road, except for a high-pressure pump. Ergo Go is your loyal wingmate and your very own problem solver. The heart of the starter kit consists of an advanced control unit, the Ergo Controller, two spring loaded high friction rollers called Ergo Climber, and the Ergo Power Head with a 45 degree lance angle and adjustable oscillation. But that’s just the half of it. There’s way more to Ergo Go!

Everything in its right place
All system components come in two handy and portable boxes. The boxes are stackable and designed to fit side by side on standard pallet. You can stow the complete system into a van for transporting between sites. Every system component is lightweight, which enables the operator to handle, transport and assemble the system all by himself or herself. Smart, mobile and convenient? You bet!

  • ERGO go aquajet systems hydrodemolition starter kit aqua cutter
Working width: 0,25-2,0m
Max length between supports: 2,0m
Min clearance height: 320-500mm (depending on bracket type)
Roller beam lengths: 0,25 / 0,5m / 1,0m
Lance angle: ±45°
Oscillation steps: 8° / 22mm and 14° / 42mm
Transport boxes: 1100x355x400 mm
Climber weight: 22kg
Power Head weight: 21kg
Roller beam weight: 9,5kg/m
Controller weight: 98 kg dry, 124 kg with oil
Max reaction force: 1000N
Parallel drive: ±2%
  • ERGO go aquajet systems hydrodemolition starter kit aqua cutter